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          In 'Hoot 16' John Lucas has produced the definitive break down of this season's team performances:

                  While Liz Hawes has EXCEL'ed herself with an INDIVIDUAL QUESTION POINTS SCORED Sheet.

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        To commemorate this we have decided to award trophies to the top 3 - so in 3rd George Robinson from 'Dilly Ding Dilly Dong (The Philby), 2nd Rob Ferguson from 'Recycled Empties' (The Etty Cup) and in 1st Colin Richards from 'Norwegian Would' (The Stuart Thorne Trophy).

         We also presented Paul Howkins from 'Bystanders' (The Duncan Dale Emberton Trophy) for his contribution to The Night Owl Quiz both as a QM and player.

   For a write up of the Plate Competition Final between Bystanders 54 and Mingey McMinge Face 46 click HERE
   For a write up of the Handicap Cup between 'Ten Points Clear'  74   Recycled Empties (+ 2) 76 and Dilly Ding Dilly Dong (+ 0) 76   (
With two teams scoring 76 pts - Team with Highest Handicap Wins) click HERE


Wednesday 3rd May
The Night Owl Main Quiz - Final
Norwegian Would
Dilly Ding Dilly Mollusc

          Being intelligent quizzers you will of course know that today as I sit and write this, is 'Star Wars Day' so let the 4th of May be with you. At the Regent Club it was like the Death Star had appeared in the heavens as the all conquering 'Norwegian Would' playing in their 10th consecutive Main Quiz Final, and gaining their 6th consecutive win, with Darth Vader, sorry I mean Colin at their head. We also welcomed 'Dilly Ding Dilly Mollusc' who were playing in the final for a second consecutive year under the captaincy of Jon Dean, unfortunately they were unable to beat off the marauding ranks of storm troopers, but live to fight another day.


          To the quiz its self, as the hushed and attentive audience settled down, teams were asked: Who did Pamela Cundell play in BBC’s classic comedy Dad’s Army? She was a widow who eventually married one of the central characters. (Mrs Fox), The Peace of Westphalia in 1648 ended which European war? (The 30 years war), Founded in South Shields as an importer of oil cloth, what is the name of what is now a clothing firm with a royal warrant? (Barbour) , What is the name of the narrow sand spit on the tip of the coast of the East Riding of Yorkshire that forms the north bank of the mouth of the Humber estuary? ( Spurn Head) and What is regarded as the first major battle of the English Civil war that took place on 23rd October 1642, quite close to Stratford upon Avon? (Edge Hill). Things were off to a good start.


          For the 2nd Rd. Individual Alternate, players pondered over What creature has types called Diamondback, European Pond, red eared and Smiling? (Terrapin) and Hairstreaks are what kind of creatures? (Butterflies). Mr Brownlow befriends the main character in which Dickens novel? (Oliver Twist) paired with The Aged Parent is the very old and very deaf father of John Wemmick in which Dickens novel? (Great Expectations), From which Beatles song do the following lyrics come: Well on his way his head in a cloud, The man of a thousand voices talking perfectly loud. (The Fool on The Hill) and From which Beatles song do the following lyrics come: The wild and windy night that the rain washed away, Has left a pool of tears crying for the day, Why leave me standing here, let me know the way. (Long and Winding Road).


         The Topic round always produces interesting questions. Parks: Purchased in 1897 what is Leicester’s largest park? Ans: Western Park and What Leicester Park lies adjacent to Ethel Road? Ans: Evington Park. 1972: What luxury train arrived at Brighton for the last time in 1972? Ans: The Brighton Belle and In 1972 a former colony and Commonwealth country became a republic and changed its one word name to what two word name? Ans: Sri Lanka. Outer Space matters: (but not a Steven Spielberg film) In what ceremonial county is Jodrell Bank? Ans: Cheshire and In what Galaxy is earth? Ans: The Milky Way. Titles: What is the family name of the Dukes of Wellington? Ans: Wellesley and Harold Macmillan took his title from which northern town? Ans: Stockton.


          To leave space for a write up of the Shield, here follows a few intriguing questions from the 4th, 5th and 6th rounds of the Main Quiz. Which element derives its name from the Greek for heavy? (Barium), Which element derives its name from the Latin for bitter salts? (Aluminium), Which SI derived unit has the symbol S? (Siemens), Which SI derived unit has the symbol C? (Coulomb). Which team has lost the most matches in Rugby Union’s World Cup Final, doing some twice more than any of its rivals? ( France) and Who did England lose to the last time they got to a Rugby Union World Cup Final? (South Africa). On the London underground, going along the District line after going through South Kensington, Sloane Square, Victoria, St James Park, what will be the next station you arrive at? (Westminster) and On the London underground, going along the Bakerloo line after passing through Regents Park, Baker Street, Marylebone and Edgeware Road what is the next station you get to? (Paddington).

          Congratulations to 'Norwegian Would' for the win and commiserations to 'Dilly Ding Dilly Mollusc', better luck next year.


Wednesday 3rd May
The Shield - Final
Hercule and the Poirots
Sir Humphrey Orangeby


         Up at the regent Club in the other room a more friendly quiz was taking place, good humour with and respect for their opponents saw a great competition between two excellent teams; 'Hercule and the Poirots' headed by John Martin pitted against 'Sir Humphrey Orangeby' led by Nick Shields.

          The first round gave teams: What country occupies Tunisia’s eastern border? (Libya), Which former runner up on I’m a celebrity get Me Out of Here, and sister to Santa Montefiore died In February at the age of 45? (Tara Palmer-Tomkinson), which gives real meaning to: Which popular Yiddish slang word actually means fat or grease? The word means excessive sentimentality. (Schmaltz) but am I falling into the trap of: Which foreign word is used to indicate a hackneyed phrase that derives its name from the word for a impression made from a die on a printing block? (cliché). Which UK mammal has the Latin name meles meles? (Badger) paired with Which UK mammal has the Latin name lutra lutra? (The otter).


          Teams knew they were in a Final as Rd two questions included; Complete this sequence in a list of elements in alphabetical order: Selenium, Silicon, Silver…? (Sodium) paired with Complete this sequence in a list of elements in alphabetical order: Platinum, Plutonium, Polonium…? (Potassium), What is the nationality of the golfer Angel Cabrera who won the US Open in 2007 and The Masters in 2009? (Argentinean) and When Martin Kaymer won the PGA Championship in 2010 he became only the 2 nd person from which country to win a major golf championship? (Germany). However to lighten the atmosphere; In 1976 the sweet foodstuff Angel Delight was launched by which firm? (Birds) and The culinary delight, Cup a soup was produced in the UK under which brand? (Batchelors).


          The Picture rd was up next; this time the full monty! Leicester & Leicestershire places: 1-4 Identify the county villages or towns, 4. the place in Leicestershire, 6-11 the places in Leicester, and 12-13 the stations somewhere in the county or city?        Answers at bottom of page:


                           11.              12.  



        Rd. 4's Team Topics were - Film: Which 2002 film sees Tom Hanks playing an enforcer for the mob? (Road to Perdition) - Science: Give the biological name for one of the bones that make up the lower arm? (Radius or ulna) - Pop Music: Which American group had the 1986 hit single Walk Like An Egyptian (The Bangles) - Art: White Center (Yellow, Pink and Lavender on Rose), which was painted in 1950, sold for 75 million dollars when David Rockefellar sold it in 2007. Who painted it? (Mark Rothko).


               Just a few questions from the fifth round to end this write up: Individual Head to Head - Topics: Richard III:  The famous car park in which Richard was found is accessed from which street? Ans: New Street and How many years after he was buried, was he dug up? Ans: 527 -  World War One: Which war poet died on 4th November 1918? Ans: Wilfred Owen and What name was given to the volunteer battalions made up of people all from one town or city? Ans: Pals   - Time: The Roman god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time and doorways provides us with the name of which month? Ans: January and In the UK what is special about 3 rd to 13th September 1752? Ans: These dates didn't’t exist due to the change it the Gregorian calendar -  Birds:   Budgerigars originated in which country? Ans:Australia and In this country what birds come in varieties named Mute & Whooper? Ans: Swans


          Answers to the Picture Round: 1. Thurmaston - 2. Hinckley  3. - Kings Norton 4. - Somerby 5. - Stoney Cove 6. Lea’s - 7. The Old Black Lion - 8. Abbey park (model railway) - 9. British Shoe Corporation - 10. St Matthews 11. New Parks - 12. Leicester North - 13. Hinckley


          John Lucas has produced the definitive break down of this season's team performances just click on:
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                  While Liz Hawes has EXCEL'ed herself with a INDIVIDUAL QUESTION POINTS SCORED Sheet.

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