THE NIGHT OWL QUIZ 2016 - 2017            (League Tables)           

Played Won Draw Lost PTS for PTS agnst PTS diff POINTS
     Group A

      I Know Nerrthing,  Qué?

     Jonathan Livingston Penguin

     The Periodic Table

     The Sign of Four

     Windscreen Ypres


    Group B

     Can't Seem to Find the Compass!

     Recycled Empties

     Sir Humphrey Orangeby

     The Walking ODD (just)

     We're not Fake Molluscs!


     Group C

     Brigadier Sir Nils Olav


     I'll Ask a Salmon

     Ten Points Clear - of the Drop

    Group D

     Nikolai Mingey-Korsakov

     Outbreak of Vitas Gerulaitis

     Screwback in Anger

     The Dogs of War

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