Information & News                     Tuesday 8th  August 2017  

Welcome to the new season of the Night Owl Quiz  (2017-2018)

On behalf of the committee I hope you will again, be able to take part in this year’s Night Owl Quiz.

    Follow the link for a Night Owl Entry Form, for you to register for this years quiz.

  Entry Form 2017-18.DOC    or     Entry Form 2017-18.pdf

 *   To help us please return your entry form and entry fee (£20.00) ASAP

                 Remember the closing date is     Wednesday 6th September 2017

  **    Also please make sure that the venue you choose is willing to host the quiz.

  ***  The Quiz cannot survive without QM's, please nominate at least one of your team.
Who would be willing to help. This particularly applies after Christmas.

   There are no Rule or Format changes for this season:
The clarification of Objections/Queries Form  worked well.
(Objections will only be considered if it would have altered the outcome of the quiz).

We look forward to your continued support for the Night Owl Quiz in the coming season.

Closing Date for Entries . . . .                       Wednesday 6th September 2017 

Fixtures Out . . . .                                    Monday 18th September      

Quiz Begins . . . .                                       Tuesday 3rd October 2017         

                  Any Problems : contact details . . . .

            Fixtures:    Liz Hawes      Tel: 0116 2440355      

         QuizMaster:      Chris Walker      Tel: 0116 2887110 / 07883205871  
       To continue the smooth running of the quiz and to tackle any other issues:
Contact: John Mackintosh Tel: 0116 2392553

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